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Atom lawn & garden products

Atom’s Australian designed and manufactured lawn and garden products
are of exceptional quality and ease of use.

They are conveniently serviced by nationwide dealer networks in Australia and New Zealand.  Atom’s priority is to have happy customers.

Lawn Edgers

Atom Lawn Edgers are Australian designed and made, and Atom is Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest selling brand.

More Atom Edgers are used any day than any other. Available from Lawn and Garden Equipment service dealers who will give you personal service and product knowledge to guarantee a long life and reliable running products.

Tillers - Home Garden Use

Do you need a good, reliable tiller for your garden?

Atom Tillers not only till and cultivate your soil, but can mulch garden leaves and waste into a high quality, ready-to-use mulch.

Mainly used for home gardens, Atom tillers can be used elsewhere, such as tilling under grape vine wire strands, loosening up hardened chicken manure in chicken sheds and breaking up hard sand crusts in golf sand bunkers.

They are not suitable for tilling hard, stony, clay or virgin ground nor ground covered with heavy grass or vines.  Atom Tillers
are designed to work on soil workable with hand tools.

Leaf Blowers - World Leading

leaf blower

Petrol Powered Drill

All models will easily drill 1¼”(32mm) holes in any Australian hardwood, which most other engine drills cannot do or do with much difficulty.

Atom has more than 50 years experience in design and manufacture of chainsaw drill attachments for hard timber.

Hundreds of thousands of units have been sold worldwide over the years. Product knowledge gained over many years is built into the new Atom Engine Powered DRILLMASTER® Engine Drill.

Wood Augers

Auger features include
> High Performance unique 2 radial cutting edges and 2 vertical cutting edges
> Designed for toughest Australian hardwoods
> Drills faster and easier than any other brand auger
> Surface Treated with non-stick anti-corrosion coating for better chip evacuation
> Excellent feed rate with greater chip evacuation
> Easy to sharpen with round or half round file


More product information can be found from the Atom industries website